Adult anal dating

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Adult anal dating

By regularly emptying the bowel using TAI, controlled bowel function is often re-established to a high degree in patients with bowel dysfunction.

The review was financially supported by Coloplast A/S.

Endoscopic evaluation is costly, and not uniformly available.

Bowel preparation and the endoscopy are unpleasant, and the risk of perforation during colonoscopy itself is one in 1000.

The effect of TAI varies considerably between patients: some report full satisfaction and great improvements in their quality of life, whereas others experience poor or no efficacy and abandon treatment.

Among 211 patients with NBD who underwent TAI, 46% and 35% were successfully treated after a mean follow-up of 19 months and 3 years, respectively.

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It is emphasised that although TAI can be used in the treatment of several disorders, the pathophysiology, being both different and having a wide spectrum of severity, may sometimes warrant other therapeutic interventions than TAI.

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