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The red effect extends only to males and only to perceptions of attractiveness.

But this study, said Elliot, is the only work to scientifically document the effects of color on behavior in the context of relationships.

When I started writing the story, I had the idea of a person who had adopted all these familiar signifiers as a kind of camouflage, but was something else—or nothing at all—underneath.

Margot’s sense of Robert and his motivations keeps shifting throughout the story. Do you think that she ever actually interprets his thoughts or behavior correctly?

28 by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology adds colorliterally and figurativelyto the age-old question of what attracts men to women.

Through five psychological experiments, Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology, and Daniela Niesta, post-doctoral researcher, demonstrate that the color red makes men feel more amorous toward women.

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And men are unaware of the role the color plays in their attraction.

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