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Incredibly, Vietnam now ranks sixth among all sending countries with 28,883 students studying at US institutions, mostly colleges and universities but also boarding and day schools.Vietnam is also nipping at the heels of Canada, something that was unimaginable seven years ago when it was not even in the top 10.In the beginning we operated as a collective of independent companies, including Socomar in Belgium, TPI Holland and SLS in the Netherlands, Yotuyo in France and PNTS in Lithuania.In 2004 we decided to integrate these companies into one single organisation, Formula Air, in order to provide a better level of service for customers.The other states rounding out the top 10 hosts of Vietnamese students are Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois and Georgia.In total the top 10 enrol 20,797, or 72% of all students from Vietnam.Some reasons for the continued impressive growth There are a number of reasons for this upward trend, some of which are related to Vietnams economic growth rate, one of the highest in the world, and the preference for the US for those who wish to study overseas.

These figures are from the latest SEVIS by the Numbers quarterly update published in December.

We enable our customers to provide high-quality dust extraction, filtration and ventilation systems for many different industrial applications By partnering with Formula Air you can benefit from our expert advice, technical assistance and ongoing innovation.

We also offer an extremely comprehensive range of standard – as well as customised – products and components, produced in-house or sourced from other industry specialists.

Interest in boarding schools, many of which charge an average of US,000 a year, remains strong.

Other categories include 'other', which is likely to be vocational or trade schools such as cosmetology and dental hygiene programmes (3.1% or 906 students), primary schools (0.6% or 184 students) and flight school (0.6% or 185 students).

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