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In this conceptual map, we will be carrying out an in-depth analysis of a series of investigations involving concept maps used in eye tracking methodology.The background to this kind of research is analyzed: on the one hand we will focus on generic scientific literature about those concept maps with theoretical foundations in the psychology of learning, and secondly the literature of eye tracking in teaching and learning will be reviewed. Subsequently, William Saffady twice (1995) (2000) realized an updated approach of TRS. Global theories of approach have been developed about them, among which we can highlight that of Sieverts and other Belgian researchers (1991-93), authors of a series of very complete and exhaustive articles that describe the characterisitics of these types of programs, elaborating a typology and presenting a very detailed evaluation of some thirty products. Bibliography Text Retrieval Systems (TRS) are a well-known type of program in the sphere of information and documentation, especially as they are designed for the retrieval of text and cognitive documents.Until a few years ago, the producers and distributors of databases (the latter in particular) were used to their products having a specialised nature and, because of this, tthey had a potent business structure.This means that users only need a browser to be able to access up-to-date records which have, in the majority of cases, the same query and exploitation features that text retrieval systems have when they are consulted locally or through local area networks. Elements For this method of access to be possible, it is necessary to have, on the server side, a program or suite of programs that permits the communication between two environments which are, at first glance, incompatible or different: the database managed by the TRS, for one, and, secondly, the Web server, which is what serves the browser users and which is only capable of interpreting html pages sent via the http protocol.

On the other hand, these systems utilise a standard programming language, the same ASP or JSP, that makes data handling easier.This situation has changed radically with the bloom of the Internet and the development of different easily configurable and adaptable tools that make it possiblefor small and medium sized centres of information and documentation, and even personal users, to be able to to convert themselves into producers and distributors of databases.Small and medium organisations which have created document databases and which we did not refer to in the last section, are bringiing about a general process of publication of their content on the Web.CGI Program Database Next, we will explain in more detail the two elements which are most important to the aims of this text: the Web gateway and the query interface This is the software that connects the Web server (Apache, IIS, etc.) with the TRS.That is to say, it is a program that is capable of reading and interpreting the requests that are sent from an html form, some of them introduced by the user (i.e.

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These programs can carry out diverse protocols or systems of communication with the Web server.

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