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Their beating is interrupted by a shining light, scaring them off.

During a bit of a rough interrogation, Prowl managed to convince the scientist that was one of the last things they wanted to do, and that they just wanted proof to bring Hefter's killers to justice.

Alongside Bumblebee and Nightbeat, Jetfire was ordered to follow the Decepticon starship Empirion and find out what its crew was up to.

As they waited and watched, the Decepticons began attacking an Urtuskian settlement, causing Bumblebee to order the others to ram their shuttle into the Empirion and protect the aliens.

Jetfire and other Transformers scientists ignored his warning, until it was too late.

Thunderwing underwent the polydermal grafting process he had developed, and was driven insane, forcing the Autobots and Decepticons to unite and try to stop him.

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Now a lab technician working for the police's science division, Nosecone was immediately hostile on account of everything from his past allegiance to his alt-mode, which he considered 'unsuitable' for scientific work.

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