Modern kartini erotik

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Modern kartini erotik

The presence of these modern Kartini in sharing informations, hopefully could increase the spirit of Indonesia women to be more active in taking their role in life, so the spirit of R.

A Kartini to fight for Indonesia women always lit its fire.

Logically speaking, a fairer world doesn’t hurt anyone.

One of Indonesian women with great talent is Miss Indonesia 2016, Natasha Manuella, who also came to the event.

What were the messages that she brought and are they still relevant today?

Kartini was born 137 years ago in colonial-era Jepara in Central Java.

She was part of the Javanese aristocracy, which allowed her to attend a Dutch-language primary school unlike most of the children of her time. As it was not the norm for girls to continue their education, Kartini had to stop going to school at the age of 12, from which age she had to stay at home until she got married – in an arranged marriage, no less.

She wrote letters to her pen-pals in the Netherlands about how she wished to have the freedom to learn and receive an education, and not just be bred and prepared for arranged marriages.

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So, we’re already jumping in joy at the finish line, right? Although we receive better education and opportunities are relatively wider, we are not quite there yet in terms of gender equality.