Watch friends s7e3 online dating

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Watch friends s7e3 online dating

Meanwhile, Joey fears he may not make the ceremony after getting stuck while filming a movie with a famous, slightly drunk actor (Gary Oldman). On the eve of Chandler and Monica's big day, the groom vanishes and the girls discover a shocking secret about the bride-to-be. However, Chandler isn't keen on spending all of the money on the wedding when he'd rather save it for their future.Joey finds an erotic novel Rachel's been reading and mocks her.However, when Monica opens the door to Ross kissing Rachel in the hall, Monica accuses them of stealing her thunder.

Phoebe wants to give Monica her grandmother's secret cookie recipe – but the recipe was destroyed in the fire. Monica, Chandler and Ross (who wore leg warmers) all reveal secrets to each other.

Ross, while trying to guard his dissertation from potential lovers, meets a woman who enjoyed his work, and they end up fooling around (and getting caught) in the library. Monica's plan to get to know her neighbors backfires when she is overworked.

Phoebe sneaks a dog into the apartment; Chandler reveals that he hates dogs. Phoebe finally gets her first bicycle, thanks to Ross, but is unable to ride it.

Season 7, Episode 21May 4, 2001Monica and Chandler's frantic race to figure out the perfect wedding vows leads to a series of nostalgic clips from episodes past, encapsulating their relationship.

Season 7, Episode 22May 11, 2001Monica drags Chandler to see his much mentioned, but never-before-seen, cross-dressing dad (Kathleen Turner) in his Vegas cabaret act; Ross rides shotgun for Rachel's less-than-joyful joyride in Monica's Porsche; Joey discovers the pleasure of wearing women's underwear.

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Sometimes touching and often hilarious, it addressed universal themes like falling in---or out of---love, finding a job and dealing with (as well as becoming) parents, and inspired numerous friends-themed knockoffs, none of which conveyed the warmth and humor of the original. Meanwhile, Rachel and Chandler chase cheesecake; and Monica crashes her cousin's wedding.